Mistral Evolution Gas Station Nitrogen + Air Generator


The VICI DBS ® Mistral Evolution Gas Station is a self contained generator that produces up to 25 L/min of pure nitrogen and 35 L/min of air specifically for the Agilent MP AES 4100 & 4200 instruments. Nitrogen is produced by utilizing a combination of compressor and Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) technology. High and low pressure compressors are carefully matched to the CMS demand to ensure quite and reliable operation. This unique combination of dual compressor technology has several unique advantages over all other nitrogen generators on the market.

Nitrogen is produced at low pressure, which ensures a longer compressor life and then compressed to 8 barg (116 psig) using a second stage compressor. This combination guarantees a long compressor life reducing maintenance costs and down time. Air is produced using an additional third stage compressor maintaining a separate constant flow and pressure.


▪︎ Produces a continuous supply of high purity nitrogen
▪︎ On-demand supply 24/7
▪︎ Flow rate: 25 L/min of N2 and 35 L/min of air
▪︎ Purity: MP AES grade
▪︎ Integrated low noise oil free compressors
▪︎ Proprietary carbon molecular sieve technology
▪︎ Complete “plug and play” LC/MS solution


▪︎ Eliminates dangerous high pressure cylinders helping to keep your employees safer
▪︎ Removes the logistics, inconvenience, downtime and costs of a cylinder system
▪︎ Flow capacity to match your specific instrument demands
▪︎ Simple installation and operation
▪︎ Superior gas purification
▪︎ Peace of mind 
▪︎ Install directly in the laboratory



▪︎ Agilent MP AES 4100 & 4200

Technical specifications

Nitrogen flow rate L/min 25 @ 5.5 barg (80 psig)
Air 1 - flow rate L/min 35 @ 5.5 barg (80 psig)
Nitrogen purity 99.5%
Dewpoint 40 ºC
Outlet pressure barg (psig) 7 (100)
Technology Carbon molecular sieve
Warm up time (minutes) 20
LED indicators 110-120V 60 Hz / 220-240V 50Hz
Electricity supply 2700
Power consumption (watts) 1800
Noise level 55 dBA @ 1 meter
Dimensions mm (in) 482W x 641H x 1235D (18.9W x 25H x 48D)
Weight kg (lbs) 110 (243)
Shipping dimensions mm (in) 550W x 800H x 940D (21.6W x 31.4H x 37D)
Shipping weight kg (lbs) 141 (311)
Operating temp °C (°F) 15 to 35 (59 to 95)
Outlet connection 2 x 6mm OD compression or 1/4”
Certification CE, FCC, MET (UL and CSA compliant)


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