The VICI DBS® PG Plus FID Tower combines the reliability of the hydrogen generator with a zero air generator into one compact package. The FID Tower can be installed next to the GC and it’s small size preserves valuable bench space. This simple but effective instrument can supply all your FID detector grade gas requirements. Designed as a hazard free alternative to high pressure cylinders, all that is required is deionized water, compressed air and a standard electrical supply for weeks of continuous operation.

Utilizing the VICI DBS proprietary prepared field proven PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) incorporated inside a 100% titanium cell provides superior generator performance and cell life. The unique high pressure permeation membrane drying system eliminates the requirement for desiccant cartridges along with the associated downtime and cost. Innovative software control allows unrivaled operational performance and safety as well as the additional options of remote networking and cascading for built in redundancy.

With a maximum output capacity of 600 mL/min, one generator can supply up to 14 GCs. The compact design allows the generator to be installed directly in the laboratory eliminating the requirement for long gas lines and guaranteeing the delivery of high purity gas to your GC.

A sophisticated control system connected to an easy to use touch screen control continuously monitors the vital operating parameters to ensure safe and consistent performance. Built in sensors will shut the generator down if internal/external leaks are present, contaminated water, low water or over pressure. This is why the VICI DBS generators meet the strict safety guidelines to be certified for CE, FCC, MET (UL and CSA compliant).

Compressed air is prefiltered and then purified using a state of the art combined heated catalyst module. The zero grade air is free from total hydrocarbons to <0.1 ppm, making it ideal for all FID applications. These levels assure a low signal to noise ratio, ensuring a flat and stable baseline.


▪︎ Produces a continuous supply of hydrogen & zero air
▪︎ Compact space saving design preserves valuable bench space
▪︎ On-demand supply 24/7
▪︎ H2 flow rate: 100 to 600 mL/min
▪︎ Zero Air flow rate: 1.8 or 5 L/min
▪︎ H2 Purity: +99.9996% zero air purity, 0.1 ppm of hydrocarbons
▪︎ Pressure: 11 barg (160 psig)
▪︎ Proprietary 100% titanium cell technology
▪︎ Unique permeation membrane drying system
▪︎ USB connectivity
▪︎ Easy to install, operate and maintain


▪︎ Eliminates dangerous high pressure cylinders helping to keep your employees safer  
▪︎ Frees up valuable bench space
▪︎ Removes the logistics, inconvenience, downtime and costs of a cylinder system
▪︎ Flow capacity to match your specific instrument demands
▪︎ Ideal for all GC detector applications
▪︎ Meets and exceeds the requirements for the most demanding GC applications
▪︎ Superior hydrogen production with reliable long life cell
▪︎ Minimal maintenance - no desiccant cartridges to change 
▪︎ PC monitoring for maintenance, diagnostics and remote connection
▪︎ Peace of mind 
▪︎ Improve your laboratory work flow and productivity



▪︎ GC-FID fuel gas
▪︎ GC-NPD plasma gas
▪︎ GC-FPD fuel gas



▪︎ Total hydrocarbon analyzer (THA) fuel gas


▪︎ Hydrogenation reactors
▪︎ Hydrogen fuel cells



▪︎ Zero air flow option 1.8 L/min or 5 L/min 
▪︎ I/O board
▪︎ Remote control software (RS232 or USB)
▪︎ Cascading hardware

Technical specifications

Models & Specs PG Plus 100 FID Tower PG Plus 160 FID Tower PG Plus 250 FID Tower PG Plus 300 FID Tower PG Plus 500 FID Tower PG Plus 600 FID Tower
Flow mL/min 100 160 250 300 500 600
Purity +99.9996%
Dewpoint at 7 barg (100 psig) -25 oC (-77 oF)
Outlet pressure barg (psig) 0.5 to 11 (7 to 160)
Technology PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) - 100% titanium cell
Drying system Regenerative Permeation Membrane
Deionized water quality Minimum < 1 micro S/cm @25ºC - 1 Mohm-cm@25ºC - ASTM II Recommended < 0.2 microS/cm @25ºC - 5 Mohm-cm @25ºC - ASTM II
Internal water tank (liters) 5
Safety Automatic shut down - internal/external hydrogen leak, overpressure and low water
Display Touch screen with operating parameters, system status and safety alarms
LED indicators Power on/off, system ready, errors
Interface USB mod A
Electrical supply 110-120V 60Hz / 220-240V 50 Hz
Power consumption (watts) 65 85 115 133 180 280
Dimensions mm (inches) 140W x 490H x 580D (5.5W x 19H x 22.8D)
Weight kg (lbs) 22 (48.5) 23 (50) 24 (53)
Shipping dimensions mm (in) 770W x 590H x 410D (30.3W x 23.2H x 16.1D)
Shipping weight kg (lbs) 26 (57) 27 (59.5) 28 (62)
Operating temp °C (°F) 15 to 35 (59 to 95)
Outlet connection 1/8" Compression

CE, FCC, MET (UL and CSA compliant)


Cascading Up to 10 units – built in redundancy for guaranteed up-time
Interface RS232/RS485, external contacts, PC control and intranet


Flow mL/min 1800 5000
Purity - hydrocarbons + CO <0.1 ppm
Inlet pressure barg (psig) 4.5 to 10 (65 to 145)
Inlet air quality Clean dry compressed air ISO8573-1:2010 Class 1.2.1
Max outlet pressure barg (psig) 5 (73)
Max HC in 100 ppm
Max CO in 50 ppm
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